When deciding what path to take in your career, it’s important to consider all options. One option that many people overlook is getting Cisco certification. You might be wondering what the difference is between a Cisco certification and other certifications. After reading this article you’ll find out how Cisco can help your career.

Cisco offers 5 professional levels of certifications. These are associate, master, professional, expert, and path completion, which are the highest level of certification. Some of the best known certifications, in Cisco, are CCNA Routing and Switching (phase I), CCNA Security, CCNA Virtualization, CCNP Data Center, CCIE Wireless, and CCIE Technology.

Cisco has three different certification paths that start with the easy-to-pass 100-105 exam for IT professionals who already have a Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) or other entry level certifications. Cisco does not require 100 105 exams for the most Cisco technology solutions. However, most of the Cisco certified networking professionals start with the 100 105 exam. The first step in getting a Cisco certification is taking an approved Cisco training course.

Cisco offers two types of training courses: video based and written or audio exams. If you want to go with an audio exam, which is the fastest way to get a Cisco certification, then you must complete the audio exams with a video study kit. Cisco offers several audio exams, including the CCNA exam, CCNP exams, Cisco Professional Certification, CCPDP exams, as well as several others. Most of these audio exams cover various technologies that include networking, security, diagnostic devices, routing, or switching. Some other exams cover performance testing or specialized protocols. Some other Cisco certifications include Cisco Service Provider or CSP, Cisco Security Consulting Services, Cisco Service Manager, Cisco System Specialist, Cisco Virtualization Professional, CCDA, CCNP, CCSA, MCSE, and several others.

Video based exams are ideal for people who want to get a higher level of certification, such as the 100 105 exam. Video based exams work best for those who already have some network experience. This type of exam is also good for new or intermediate users because it testes your skills on specific applications or protocols. There are three main types of video exams.

The first main type of exam is the 100-105 exam for the Information Technology field. The second main type of exam is the 100-106 exam for those in the Information Systems field. And the third main type of exam is the 100-107 exam for those in the Network Security field.

The two main products that produce Cisco certification are Cisco Prince2 and CCNA or CCDA. The third product is called the CCNP or the third generation Cisco certification. The third option has gained more popularity over the past years. The CCNP is designed for future workers and professionals who have at least six years of industry experience.

As you complete your Cisco certifications, you will receive a wide number of benefits. Your certificate will show that you have completed an intense training course. You can easily find a job with Cisco after your certification. In fact, most employers prefer to hire someone who has at least one year of experience in networking.

The next step on the Cisco certification pathway is the 2021 CCNA or the Capetonian National CCNA Exam. This is considered as one of the challenging exams in the world. It requires a lot of hands-on lab work and study. Your success in this course will enable you to gain a lot of management responsibilities in the near future. Some of the high paying jobs can I get with a managing successful programmes as the CCNA dec. can be held as two exams, therefore your career options are increased if you take this exam.

The third and last option is the CCNA Practitioner or CCNP-P. It is considered to be much more difficult than the previous two exams. With this certification, you can easily work as a consultant or a manager in various Cisco industries. A new career option that you can gain after passing the CCNA exam is the ability to write new software applications in Junos OS.

You may also find out that what jobs can I get with a sage qualification in Cisco? If you take the CCNA exam, you get the privilege to write new software applications. The software is produced by Cisco and is used in some of their networking devices. This will be the main reason why you have to learn what jobs can I get with a Cisco certification in the future.

Some of the companies that hire for IT support staff have special needs such as the ones who can work at the network layer. It is not easy to break into this field if you are not aware of the different terminologies and technologies that are used in the networking industry. You need to take the Cisco training courses so that you are prepared when it comes to answering the questions of your employers. In case you have successfully passed the Cisco examination and have the certification as well, you can look forward to great promotions and more benefits at work. As a conclusion, you should take time out to study the various information about the CCNA certifications which will give you an idea as to what jobs can I get with a Cisco certification in July 2021.