There are essentially two ways to complete Cisco exams and get a second copy of the exam, which is free. Both programs offer free reakes. But you MUST belong to one of the two categories to make use of the offers: you just earned a valid Cisco certification that has lapsed, or you failed the test and need to retest with a different ID. The free reworks are offered only to people already working on Cisco exams. If you didn’t earn your certification in the usual way, you can also get a free reinstallation of your operating system – even if you’re not working on it right now!

The free offers are open to people who have passed their first attempt (and who are otherwise eligible) and want to get a second copy so they can keep improving. They offer the same material – just a different version. The difference is in the questions and the format. In order to take the exam again, you must complete the study course offered by Cisco and download the exam content. Just about all of the material covered in the study lab will be familiar to you, but the exams differ in minor areas such as lab practice and field practice scenarios.

People have different reasons for taking a free Ciscus exam review. Some simply want to get another certified piece of training, such as for an IT career. The study materials are very similar to the ones you’ll find in a Cisco training course. Others take the free offers because they want to enhance their Cisco knowledge or learn new technology. A third group may want to have access to the exam content when they are testing for a certification, rather than waiting until they get a copy of the exam. Whatever the reason, it’s an excellent idea to review the study materials before you invest your money in the examination.

The free Cisco exam includes a wide variety of question types. The first two types, Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Site Assessment, test your IT knowledge. These two test types use a simple black-and-white picture on your screen to show the answers. The other type, Question Review, is more interactive. The questions in Question Review are whittled down from a long list to a short list, making it more difficult to figure out the answer. The computer whiz type of question types in the free Cisco online exam don’t make it too difficult to understand the concepts, as most people have already learned them in an Information Technology career.

To do a free retake on any of the Cisco online exam, first register for the exam. Make sure that your Cisco Certification provider has your name and email address on their list of valid email addresses. You also have to provide your name, birth date, contact information, and your pass code, if you have already registered on the course.

On the first page of the registration form, there is usually a drop-down list of questions. Click on the appropriate one and fill in the blanks. There’s no need to retype your answer because the free answering system will automatically reword the question for you. You can also check your answer online, as long as you have submitted your answer within 24 hours.

When you’re done with the question papers, review the questions and the answers. Reviewing the question papers is a good way to get rid of doubts you have about certain topics or areas of the exam. If you find that the questions are too hard to understand, don’t feel pressured to answer them. Remember, it’s not always easy to answer tough questions.

As long as you know the areas that you need more time studying, there’s no reason why you can’t take a free Cisco exam. You will still have to pass the real exam and prove that you are ready to work in the networking industry. However, taking a free practice test beforehand can help you prepare for the real thing. When you have the answers to the questions, there’s no reason not to take a free practice exam to get prepared. These days, any type of free study guide is better than nothing.