Cisco Institute has a unique scheme that they give their students, who are pursuing the 62 bi and MSA certifications. The students have to register with their local IT school or community learning centre for a three-month study session after which they get a certification card as per the requirement. They will get the certification card when they successfully complete the entire three months course. This is the sole method to ensure students take up the exams and get certified.

The three month course includes eight-week modules. It starts from the basics of CCNA and other networking basics and ends with an examination on the latest and greatest in the field. The modules are separated with an inter-departmental meeting and online chat support for each department. There is an ITIL department for students to discuss any issues and problems that they may face at the end of the three months.

There are many firms who are providing the exam marking schemes. Some students look for it in the local Cisco Institute or consult them about it online. The IT training centres in the local area also provide this facility for their students. The centers are managed by Cisco and offer the students the best IT services and training facilities available.

The IT professionals are provided with free Cisco training materials and the guidance to study the material is available online or with their help staffs. This scheme ensures the students to take up the exam with optimum attention and in a short time. They are provided with practice materials and some real life exam questions along with their answers. The coaching centers arrange for a practice exam during the final week of the course.

The IT students can take up the exams either solo-quizzes or in teams. To pass a solo exam, the students need to pass an exam with approximately 200 marks in it. In team exams, the team leaders suggest the topics for discussion and the students try to get the answers by themselves. The maximum number of questions is fifteen but even lesser can help you pass. If you can manage to get more than fifteen questions wrong then you will have to go for the minimum passing mark.

These questions contain solutions and they are not vague and easy to understand. You have to read and understand them very well in order to get the answer right. This is one of the major reasons why these Cisco examination help centers arrange these labs. These labs help you practice for the actual exam and the pass marks will help you get a job in the industry.

The test includes three parts and they are written as a statement, an explanation and a practice exam. To pass marks in these three parts you need to solve the problems correctly. Solving the problems correctly means that you should be able to solve them within a minute without wasting any time. These Cisco exam marking scheme also includes questions related to CCNA, CCIE and CCNP exam marks. The CCNA exam marking scheme mainly consists of four sub-components. The topics are Data flows, Troubleshoot configuration, Security devices and Cisco networking.

If you are a beginner and want to take the exam for the first time then you will find this marking scheme useful. If you want to clear all the questions then it is advisable that you consult an expert before you start with your exam. There are many resources on the internet that will help you learn about these marking schemes and various preparation methods. So get going!