Cisco Certification Expiration Extension is one of the major considerations that a network administrator has to deal with when he or she tries to decide whether to renew his or her certification or not. A lot of people do not fully understand the significance of a Cisco Certification Expiration Extension (CEX). As you may know, the life cycle of a Cisco Certification begins as a Security Marketing Specialist (SMS) and ends when a person returns as an Active Directory Administrators (ADCA) or an Information Technology Specialist (ITS). Therefore, a company or business with its own internal network can hardly ever go for short-term CCIE solutions and instead would always prefer to keep on hiring Cisco consultants, testers and/or CCIE providers to handle the CCIE exams until the company’s internal network gets back to its normal operation. If you have been an avid Cisco partner for quite a long time now, it is always important to review the expiration dates of your CCIE certificate so that you can determine whether you should keep on renewing your CCIE membership or not.

Most companies have their CCIE exams scheduled at different times of the year – usually around a month or two before the end of the current CCIE exams schedule. Some companies even have their exams rescheduled for some months before the conclusion of the current exams schedule! If you happen to find this type of scenario, it means that you may have missed your Cisco certification expiration date. While it is always important to wait for the CCIE exams to expire properly before you can get your certification, there are also other considerations that should be taken into account as well when it comes to a Cisco certification expiration date. Some of these considerations include the following:

Your current security certification status – Most companies standardize on different Cisco certifications and consequently update their exams accordingly. Therefore, if your company has recently re-evaluated its existing Cisco certifications, you may find that there are some updates included in your exam questions. In addition to these minor update changes, most exams are also revised every three years to make them more relevant to the new generation of CCIE exams. So when it comes to the expiration date of your Cisco certifications, you should also take into account the current status of your Cisco exams. If you are a recent hire or if your employer is forcing you to take the exams, it would be best to wait until your current security exams are complete before trying to get your CCIE certification extensions.

The number of exams you need to clear – Do you need to clear hundreds or thousands of exams before getting your CCIE certificate? Before you decide to renew your CCIE membership, take a look at your current exam schedule. Find out how many exams you need to clear in order to gain your CCIE certification. If you think you don’t need to clear hundreds of exams to get your CCIE certification, you should consider whether or not you are a quick learner. If you are taking a lot of preparation time before every exam, you will be less prepared for it when the actual exam arrives.

How long does it take for Cisco certification exams to expire? There is usually a period of six months from the date that your course was concluded before Cisco certification exams expire. You can check your expiration date online, and during the six month period, you will receive a renewal notice. At this point in time, you are allowed to register for the six-month certificate. After six months have passed, you will need to reapply for your certificate.

How does access lists differ from other Cisco certifications? Access lists are comprised of security token lists, access lists, or permission lists. Some access lists are used to allow access to privileged information while others are used for permission checking. Either way, access lists are used to provide network administrators with the ability to determine whether or not someone has authorization to be on a particular network segment. For example, if an administrator wants to allow only non-authorized individuals to connect to the Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), he would create access lists for the segment.

How should I prepare for my CCNA Exam examination? You should get plenty of practice testing and review materials before you attempt your CCNA Exam. You can find sample test questions and reviews online, as well as step-by-step guides, videos, and audio recordings that will help you study for the CCNA Exam and ace it!

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