The Cisco Institute has introduced two new Cisco certifications this month for the IT professionals who want to get certified for CCNA or other network devices. This information was shared with us by the Cisco Institute. The two new certifications are the CCNA Tools Overview and the CCDA Essentials. Both are designed to improve on existing skills in the networking arena and can be used by a professional as a reference while he or she studies for a future certification. Cisco also plans to offer a new CCIE Tools Guide next month, which will provide IT professionals with the latest tools and technologies in CCNA and CCDA exams.

Cisco Institute has prepared both exams to address the needs of the passing CCNA Voice Network Engineer candidates. A lot of people are seeking for a better career these days, which is evident from the increasing number of CCNA Voice Applications and CCDA exam takers around the world. As such, Cisco is working hard to put out products that would help students achieve their goals. The Cisco Certified Wireless Associate (CCWA) certification is a two-hour lab-based exam for people seeking to become Wireless Interfaces (WIAs). On the second day, students will have to demonstrate their knowledge of wireless networking fundamentals and go on to take a real life laboratory test.

The salary of a CNA is quite high in this field and many are looking at Cisco CNA Practice Exams as a way of improving their salaries. Cisco’s official website has details of local classes. Candidates interested in taking the exams should contact local community colleges which are part of the local IT support groups. IT students need to ensure that they choose a good school which can guide them to the CCNA certifications as per their needs. There are plenty of options available to students, including local campus based Cisco training centers and Cisco professionals who are willing to mentor candidates.

In the recent past, Cisco was approached by outside companies to provide training resources for their upcoming Voice of the Century (VoC) certification exam. These resources were aimed at helping the companies prepare their workforce for the new exam, which is expected to launch in the next few years. The resulting collaboration certifications learningcisco overview highlights that the main goal of the study is to help people with basic knowledge of networking and VoIP for entry level or executive level jobs. The study also aims at helping people develop skills for collaboration and advanced conference calls. The CCNA labs provide an excellent venue for hands-on real-world scenarios that test students on both technical and creative skills. The labs offer two different types of lab exercises – scenario based and role-based.

When you consider the salary of a Voice of the Century Certified Network Associate (VA) or VNet+ Certification, it is easy to understand why many companies are investing in such training programs. With excellent networking and VoIP expertise, CCNA voice experts earn a solid income and lead very fulfilling careers. As a new voice professional, you will also be able to establish yourself as part of such dynamic companies.

The official Cisco blog has recently published some salary information for the CCNA voice professionals who took the CCNA Exam Dumps. While most of the information is about the experience of each individual, the one feature that stands out is the median salary for graduates from a CCNA voice class compared to the salary of an experienced voice professional without a CCNA certificate. For the purposes of this article, we will focus on the third category, those with Cisco certification. The median salary for graduates was approximately $37k, which is significantly higher than what the CCNA passleader new Cisco exam dump students earn. In short, if you are Cisco Certified, you will enjoy a substantial raise in your annual salary.

It is important to keep in mind that Cisco does not base salary information on the basis of any CCNA certification achieved. In fact, Cisco is committed to helping new, as well as existing, Cisco Certified Network Associates (CCNA) earn a living, just as any other major company would. The official CCNA voice experts earn more money, but the real wild card is the CCNA transition expert – these people rarely earn more than a few hundred dollars per year. In short, the general trend is that CCNA certification makes little difference in your overall compensation.

What this means to you as a new voice professional is that you have plenty of opportunities to gain real world work experience, even if your main motivation is to obtain certification for the new exams. Some people never get that far, but it’s possible. Best of luck!