If you’re not an IT professional and you have never heard of Cisco before, then it’s time you familiarize yourself with the basics before going through the Cisco certification exams. Cisco is a software company that deals with networking solutions, routers, switches, IP phones, IP telephones and many other things. The world can’t run without it. Cisco is a subsidiary of the vast Cisco Systems Company and deals with the manufacture of all Cisco products. They are the reason why many people have IT jobs because they need them.

There are several Cisco training programs available in the market today. Many online Cisco exams are offered to people who want to boost their certifications and enhance their resumes. These Cisco certification exams help students pass the exams with flying colors. Some of these websites offer free videos, which include multiple-choice exams, self-tests, or laboratory exercises. This is what you should look for if you want free Cisco training materials.

It’s obvious that if you want to improve your knowledge on this particular technology, then you need to study and practice. You will need the aid of Cisco learning resources. The best way to study is through online tutorials. If you learn through tutorials, you can easily review the material and answer questions afterwards.

A lot of companies today have realized the importance of Cisco in network security solutions. The system cannot be effectively implemented without the support of the CCNA or CCNP certifications. The CCNA is one of the most prestigious exams and the one recommended by Cisco. For a working knowledge of CCNA, it is highly recommended that you take a Cisco training course. However, not all people are able to afford this kind of course because it is expensive. That is why the CCNA certification tutorial videos are created for working professionals who cannot afford to enroll in a full time course.

The Cisco certification exams contain three parts. The first part is a written exam, which covers the major topics. The second part is a hands-on lab test that teaches you about the different technologies that are related to CCNA. The third and last part is the actual exam that is given after passing the first two exams.

The written exam requires students to first understand the difference between normal and packet routing. This will help them create an effective routing procedure that uses the right path for each packet. They must also understand how to combine traffic so that they can create a good traffic model. Once students have learned how to combine traffic, they can already apply their learned concepts in designing an efficient routing table.

With these concepts, students can already start designing their own exam. However, when it comes to practice, the best way to prepare for these exams is through Cisco’s official CCNA labs. These labs allow students to be able to use real-life situations as they complete practice exercises. That way, they will have an idea how to tackle problems when they enter the real exam room.

On February 24th, you have the opportunity to study and prepare for your Cisco certification exams. The exam is usually accessible during the first week of February, so you have at least a whole month to spare. If you do not want to waste your time studying or practice for this exam, you can choose to watch video tutorials. There are hundreds of free videos in YouTube that offer practical tips and tricks on how you can pass CCNA. You can also purchase separate videos that cover different topics that will help you decide what tech to implement in the Cisco networking security lab.