Cisco Institute is known to sponsor several Cisco exams. The latest exam, CCNA or Cisco Certified Network Associate, is one of them. This course helps you in becoming an expert in networking and designing your network infrastructure. When you pass this exam you will receive a unique Cisco ID and will be able to work as a Cisco specialist. But in order for you to pass this exam you need to practice as much as possible. In this article I will show you how to prepare for the exam.

Before you prepare for any exam, it is important that you know what to expect. You must make sure that you have read the CCNA reading material well and also familiarized yourself with the concepts presented there. Reading the material well will help you get prepared and also make sure that you understand every idea presented.

The next step is to acquire a good training DVD. There are many types of training DVDs available. You can buy one from the market. Or you can search for tutorials on the internet. I recommend looking for online Cisco courses because they are affordable and often cover all the areas needed in a Cisco exam.

The third step is to purchase study material that will help you pass your exam. The best way to study is through books. Make sure that you buy books that are easy to read and understood. It is also a good idea to start studying immediately before the exam.

Four. Make sure that you set aside time for studying. This includes scheduling time for each subject to review. When you set aside time for studying, make sure that you have the resources to continue your studies even when you are sleeping. If not you will find yourself cramming your books at night.

Five. Take the exam. I suggest taking the exam in the morning when you wake up. This means doing some warm ups and making sure that you have been reading the previous night’s book. When you go over to the board room, make sure that you listen to the directions for answering the questions and taking notes.

Six. Practice the questions. It is important that you spend some time doing practice questions before the exam. This will give you the chance to learn how to correctly answer Cisco questions without reading from a piece of paper.

Seven. Practice with a friend. Join a Cisco class or pay for an online Cisco course. Then ask a friend to help you study for the CCNA Exam ICD-91 Exam. This will help you pass your exam faster.

Eight. Practice makes perfect. Purchase two study guides. Read them several times, then go over them with a fresh pair of eyes.

Nine. Completing the CCNA Exam ICD-91 within the time period is a necessity. If you don’t pass it by the time it ends, you can get a refund but you won’t be able to get your certificate.

Ten. Try not to rush the exams. You have studied enough and this should not be your last exam. You will only have about six weeks to study for it, so if you rush it you are setting yourself up for failure. It is better to take your time and make sure that you study on each section carefully.

I hope these tips will help you pass your Cisco exam. Again, don’t push yourself too hard. Stay calm and collected and just focus on your goals. Good luck!