Recently I was having an online discussion with a fellow Network Consultant when he mentioned that he had heard from someone that the Ciscisco Certification Program on Reddit is now a paid training service. The program is offered by a company called Verisign. He also mentioned that some employees at Cisco have been leaving the company due to lack of training or having a hard time getting through the new CCNA exam. My question for him was if he thought the program might be worth the money involved?

His response to my inquiry was that he had actually taken the course and got the Cisco certificate, however he was not certified in CCNA or CCIE. Instead he had the credentials to work for a consultant however, the consultant would not have access to the Internet without a router and he would not have been able to configure VPNs without the help of an IP-based CCNA certificate. So it appeared that he was trying to sell something to me on the program, maybe a newbie could benefit from it as well. I asked him what his take was on the whole idea of paid for Ciscoc certification review courses.

His response: “I’m not sure I care either. It depends what you mean by certification. If you’re talking about getting a free certification, I say go for it. If you’re talking about getting certified in Cisco and having a real Cisco Certification Job, maybe I’d look at that. It seems like a minor detail when you are trying to figure out how much training is necessary to get a free job.” This information is pretty valuable and I’m going to share it with you below.

In my professional opinion there are many valid reasons why someone might want to get paid for Ciscoc certification review coursework or a free Cisco the certificate. It has been noted by many people that employers are looking for more education and experience before they make a hire. The idea behind paying for certifications is to not only insure quality but to also show potential employers that you have taken the time and effort to build up your skills and knowledge in a specific area. Even if you don’t have a full time job and are interested in learning more about the CCNA and other internet based CCNA certifications, a free Cisco ise certificate or review course might be just what you’re looking for.

When I was looking over the forum and was searching for answers to questions I noticed a lot of posts regarding a Cisco certification validation failure. Many people were having trouble with their Cisco certifications and they were asking questions about the validity of their CCNA certification. Some people were blaming Cisco and said they would never purchase another Cisco anyconnect certificate from them or their company. Others said they had worked at the same company for years and the certificates they worked for were suddenly being invalidated. These were very common discussions and people were not happy.

After reading many of these forums I realized that the problem was not the company or the Cisco product per se. The problem was actually the way the testing was being conducted. I had seen this exact type of testing countless times before and I had never witnessed anything like it. I went as far as looking up the testing procedure itself so I knew what to expect. I didn’t see any indications of a validating process and I immediately assumed that something was wrong.

I then started to do my own research and I did find out that the CCNA was one of the most difficult Cisco exams to pass and many people had failed it before. In fact I think the CCNA now has the highest failure rate of any Cisco exam. That tells me that something is wrong with the testing process. I also looked into the testing procedure itself and I found that every test is unique. No two tests are ever alike. This tells me that something is different about how the Cisco Certification RDT is being administered.

It turns out that the problem wasn’t the Cisco Certification itself but the way that it was being tested! The CCNA is an important Cisco exam because it is the foundation for many other types of Cisco certifications including the CCNP and CCIE. Without knowing how to properly evaluate the CCNA your chances of passing the CCNA are slim to none. I’ve recently been testing for CCNA and I can tell you that the CCNA is by far harder than the RDT! Anybody who has CCNA before attempting the RDT needs to seriously re-certify.