You may think it’s not important to be certified in CCNA or other Cisco Certified Internetwork (Cisco) training courses if you‘re not planning on doing any of the specialized networking exams that are offered in the future. However, there are many reasons to recertify your Cisco certification, including Cisco’s willingness to re-instate previously failed exams upon a two-year probationary period, and the expiration date of all seven current IT exams. With this in mind, it’s probably best to make sure your Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) skills are up to par before jumping into any testing, and the right tool is often a good way to do that. Hiring someone to do your Cisco certification support is one of those ways. The question is, how do you hire someone to do this for you?

When you want to have someone help you with your Cisco voice certification needs, the first step is to decide when you want to have someone do it. Two common options are to have someone do it on your behalf when you take the written exam or to have someone do the voice demo (as part of a certification process). Usually the later is done at a later time, as exam dates get closer, though sometimes they can be combined if you know the exact dates by heart. Once you’ve decided when you want someone to do it, you’ll need to find them.

The written exam is due in February 24th, 2021. It covers four main topics: Vulnerability Assessment, Cisco Service Provider Development, Cisco CCNA Tools and Cisco Security appliance and management. It is only offered in English at this point, as there are no exams in Spanish or Mandarin. This isn’t a big deal for most people, but if your career goals require speaking the languages in the work place, you might want to keep this in mind.

Two months before the exam is scheduled to take place, you’ll need to decide which tools you need for the exam. You can usually find the question types (answers) and corresponding answers on the website and then just study the text. You can also watch videos on the Cisco site to see how other users are answering the questions. If you have any additional material that you need before the test, such as practice papers or handouts from the manual, you can get them at the testing facility, too.

The next step after studying is to look over the written portion of the exam, familiarize yourself with the various topics, and practice making different selections. When you recertify, you must submit an application, which is available through the portal, for an automatic acceptance. On the day of the exam, you’ll need to attend a ceremony, accept your certificate, and give a speech. You must follow all of the rules, which will vary depending on your location, until the expiration date on your certificate.

The next step is to complete the Cisco voice certification exam, also known as the CCNA or CCDA, or any of the two versions. Your Cisco training provider should have instructions for downloading the course files. You may need to download a different file if you’re downloading for an individual than the one for an entire group. The instructions will also tell you when to make sure your computer has the latest software installed.

One of the advantages of taking the written exam before you try your hands-on skills is that it helps prepare your Cisco knowledge. The written exam covers the same information as the online version, so you’ll know what to expect. You also have access to the latest versions of Cisco tools and solutions. You’ll be able to gain valuable hands-on experience before trying out your Cisco equipment in real life situations. You can easily obtain your Cisco certification if you complete the requirements by February 13th.

When is your next exam? Your choice depends on the type of Cisco support work you do. If you work with routers or switches, you may want to consider obtaining your certification earlier than the normal four-year anniversary date. Those involved in information technology work, however, may choose to recertify annually. If you want to know if your chosen course of study needs an extra time period for learning, you’ll want to look at the specific exam schedule to see when your next class will be.