As a Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) you are able to log on to Cisco’s website and check your Cisco Certification Status. Your CCNA Status is an indicator of what type of knowledge you have regarding Cisco’s networking products. If you have the highest possible score, you are considered to be “leaf” (or green) and able to login with no restrictions. If you have less than a six hundred score you may not even be able to login.

There are many reasons for getting your Cisco Certification Status. You may want to verify your status so you are able to apply for new jobs. It is also important if you have been working in a similar role within the company for a long time without getting the certificate. It can be difficult finding a job if you do not have your certification status. In this case it is very important to set yourself up with your very own ID. You should be able to login anytime via the internet from anywhere with internet access.

When you have set yourself up, you should be able to see a page that resembles something like this. You will need to enter in your name and your password. Be sure to save your login details onto your secure computer. You will be unable to use your regular computer for anything apart from working with your secured account.

It can take a while to get your login changed after you’ve had it for a while. There are a lot of companies who want to see your experience in the industry before committing to hiring you. This is to protect themselves as they could be employing somebody who has little or no experience. They need to ensure that they do not employ someone before they are satisfied with their work. If you have been employed in the same role for a long time without a CCNA certificate then you should have no problem changing your ID and password.

Once you have done this, then you can go through the portal and select the CCNA books you want to read. Do a search on the books and find out exactly which one you want to read. Read through them thoroughly and try to complete as many of the sections as possible. If you are using the book for your practical exams, then you should attempt about two-thirds of the book. If you don’t, then choose another book.

You can now sit down and work out how much time it will take you to complete all the books and then compare that against the amount of time you have to spare. If you find that you are running short on time, then you should consider taking an internet speed test. This will tell you how fast you are, so if you need to learn new things quickly you are better off with a faster internet connection. However, if you are content with crawling along at a slightly faster pace, then you are fine.

When you are sitting down to read through your books, try to keep your mind focused on only one main idea. For example, if you are going to read through the book about Ethernet switches, then try not to get lost in the technical jargon. Concentrate on the concept and how it will affect you in some way. This will make the reading more enjoyable for you and it will help you learn easier. At the end of each chapter, you should be able to understand what you have learned quite easily.

Before you finish up, check to make sure that you have saved the file to your computer. Then log into the CCNA certification status login and take a look at the results. If you do not get the expected results, then you need to re-read through the entire book again until you are satisfied with what you have learned. As long as you do these few things, you should not have any problems when you are working on your Cisco certification status login.