When you decide to get your CCNA certification, there are many different routes to take to get your certificate. You can learn on your own through books and online courses. Alternatively, you can find a qualified training provider that offers a one-on-one instructor-led training program. There are also several self study options available if you prefer to learn on your own.

In this article, we focus on one of the options available – self study. How does it work? Let’s take a look. In this option, you implement all of the testing methods that are covered on the exams, complete lab tests and assignments, and then submit your completed work to an examination track.

In most cases, online courses will not work for Cisco certification. The reason is that most Cisco exams cover a wide variety of platforms. Any courseware that is written for one particular platform cannot be transferred to other platforms. This makes it nearly impossible to attempt to take an exam for one type of Cisco technology and then use the same courseware to take an exam for another type of Cisco technology. The same is true for most online courses.

The alternative to trying to learn on your own is to consider using a Cisco instructor-led courseware program. These courses are designed to be comprehensive and give you a thorough understanding of what you need to know for each exam. They are typically classroom courses, but they do offer the flexibility of an online course as well. Some of these classroom courses even offer laboratory time.

A major part of the CCNA exam involves understanding routing, packets, and logic. You will need to have an understanding of how these three topics interact with each other in order to pass. A prerequisite for passing this part of the exam is having a working knowledge of how Ethernet works.

Another requirement that the CCNA certifications indicate is proper network security training. There are specific and common configuration blocks that every company uses. Many of these blocks include Pass-The Maze, Routing, and Switching. Learning these basic concepts is important. If a company does not practice proper and safe configuration, then they run the risk of being found out and banned from using the public Internet.

When a company uses MPLS, traffic has the ability to follow a path without the necessity of using routers or Isolates. This makes it possible for people to connect to each other regardless of whether they are within the same physical location. Using MPLS technology, you will be able to transmit data as a packet over long distances. To make sure that your employees and customers can understand the difference between MPLS and ISNS is important. MPLS is the more commonly used term when talking about this technology.

In order to pass the CCNA Exam, you will have to implement many different things. The process does not end once you have your Cisco certification. There are many different ways that you can apply what you have learned in school to your work and business. You will want to check into a networking-industry job forum if you are interested in finding a company that offers internships. Most companies will hire current students to implement their equipment. Your internship will show companies that you know how to implement the newest technologies into your work or business.

When it comes to your Cisco certification exams, you will have to pass three out of four required sections within a certain amount of time. The exam number and description associated with each section will tell you what is required of you during that test. These three sections are the most important parts of the exam and you will need to study very well in order to pass.

The three sections are Networking, Workstations and routing. You should concentrate on understanding these concepts before moving onto the firewall topics. You should also be able to pass first time or train again free (just pay for accommodation, miscellaneous costs and incidental costs) with a passing grade of 70% or better. Cisco certification is based on your understanding of these three concepts. Once you have completed the exam track, you can move onto the next Cisco certification track.

In order to get the maximum benefit from the Cisco certification exam, you should gain knowledge and understanding of all the different topics covered within the exam track. The Hidden Gems series provides resources and material on implementing edge network security solutions. You will learn how to gain the most from your Cisco exams by studying with us and implementing all the great information we have to offer.