Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) exam study has become the path of least resistance for CCNA exam trainees. Some even consider it a necessity for their continued employment. Cisco is the most prominent brand in networking and it is not surprising that every employee of any size company has been trained with Cisco technology from a very young age. However, not all employees are fortunate enough to have been trained with top-of-the-class CCNA equipment. For those who are out of luck and are unable to join your team, the good news is that there are other options for certification study.

The question on “How much does it cost to get Cisco certification?” is often asked by companies with existing CCNA users who may be on the fence about spending the additional money to get new Cisco certifications. The answer to this question varies depending on the course of study chosen, the cost of textbooks, the cost of getting the exam, and the level of experience an employee has.

One of the biggest factors in the cost to get CCNA is the amount of books that will need to be purchased. Books tend to cost more if you buy them at the book store rather than online. Additionally, if your studies require downloading exam study guides, these cost a lot more as well. If your company provides any kind of incentive to employees for taking a CCNA exam, such as paid time off, these costs are even higher.

The second most important factor in the cost to get CCNA is the amount of study time you will need. Again, if you choose to buy study books online, you will probably spend more than if you buy them in the traditional bookstore. If you choose the bookstore option, expect to pay more on shipping costs and handling. While shipping costs are usually a percentage of the price of the book, some stores will tack on extra charges for shipping as well. You can avoid this by choosing a reputable website to purchase your study materials from.

The third most important factor in cost for CCNA certification is the actual amount of time it takes to get the certification. The CCNA is a pretty long course. On average, a student can expect to take three years just to get their CCNA certification. The cost to get this certification is fairly high, but since most people who want to get a CCNA have time available, the cost is not as big of a factor as some might think. If you are able to devote three years of full-time work to study for CCNA exams, you can likely get your certification for under $300.

The fourth most important factor in cost for CCNA is what kind of books you will need to study with. If you choose to do your studying on your own, you will likely spend a large amount of money on textbooks. If you choose to buy study guides or get study guides like many other people do, you will likely spend even more money. The best way to go about getting the most out of your Cisco studies is to get an excellent study guide that is priced at an affordable price. You will find that if you choose the right guide, you will not be dissatisfied with your purchase once you have finally completed the study material.

The final major factor in cost for CCNA certification is whether you plan on doing your studies online. If you choose to do your study through the internet, the cost for CCNA certification is going to be dramatically less than it would be if you studied with a traditional classroom setting. Of course, not all people can afford to do their CCNA training online. Those with very busy schedules or those who simply cannot afford to spend several thousand dollars on a classroom setting might want to reconsider trying to get certified without the help of an instructor. There is nothing worse than spending four or five hours of class learning and then having to spend another three hours troubleshooting. However, if you have time, online study is a great option.

The cost for Cisco certification is determined by a number of different factors. Some of these are the amount of time you have to dedicate to study, the amount of money you have to spend and the number of people who are trying to get certification at the same time. For those people who can afford to invest a little extra money, the cost for Cisco certification can be extremely low. For those people who cannot afford to spend a dime and can’t wait until their exam date, the cost of certification can be high. Make sure to take your time when you are trying to figure out how much the CCNA certification costs you. It is definitely worth it but you will get what you pay for.