As you prepare for the Cisco CCNA Exam, you have undoubtedly discovered that studying is half the battle. Once you have an excellent set of study materials, that is. Then comes the second half, the real testing… the real written exam and real hands-on labs. Studying and practicing until the time comes to execute your fastest drills and exercises are one way to ensure you pass the exam in the first go. But when do you stop?

For some people, the answer to this question is as simple as “now”. That is what is known as a PDF download, which offers the student or neophyte engineer a chance to review material that has been deemed relevant by Cisco. The company is notorious for releasing hundreds of Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCDA) PDFs each year. Some of these are free demo downloads that are available to the public. Other such downloads are priced for use in the production of live Cisco exams.

What is the catch? These PDFs are not for the average neophyte engineer or cabling professional. They are only for the most highly trained and experienced. If you are interested in passing the CCNA Exam for your professional role, you need to have your very own set of practice questions and a comprehensive study guide. The PDFs offer just that… they are practice questions from the real examination, and they can be used to gauge your readiness before taking the real exam.

There are many benefits of utilizing PDFs and PDF questions for preparing for the Cisco certification exam. The two major benefits are that they offer complete answers to every question and that they force the student to pay close attention. When you sit for the exam, you will be required to answer multiple-choice questions that cover all the basic and technical information about networking. A typical Cisco Certification exam contains multiple choice questions about routing, switching, security, routing protocols, and so on. A student must know this information in order to get a passing score.

Some students get nervous when faced with the long list of Cisco exams. What these students don’t realize is that most of these exams are pretty much just rehashed material from the prior year’s exams. Cisco is notorious for changing the wording of their previous exams time again in an effort to make their exams more “modern”. What this means is that the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) exam is no longer the same old material they presented last year. With PDFs, the CCNA student can refresh their memory about the concepts they were taught in class. In addition, the PDFs offer practice questions that will force the student to pay close attention, allowing them to get a feel for how the Cisco Certification process really works.

The reason why this online version of the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) exam is called “dumps” is because it consists of multiple pages of practice questions and labs. On each page of the eBook, there is usually an answer question and a resource box that will allow you to download a copy of the actual exam. There is also typically an amount of time allotted for each question to be answered. The actual exam can be purchased through the Cisco Institute but many students choose to purchase the PDFs since they can be read on any computer.

While it might seem like studying for these Cisco exams is going to eat up a lot of your time, it is important to remember that these exams are only the first hurdle to jump in to earning your CCNA certification. You must then answer an oral test administered by a Cisco representative, after you complete the practice exams. This oral exam measures your intellectual capacity and displays your communicative and technical skills. Your written communication skills, as well as your one-on-one instructor, will all be tested during this time.

You should expect to spend about two hours reviewing for the exam, which includes both the practice exams as well as the written portion. If you spend less than two hours, then you will need to wait until the next semester before taking the actual Cisco certification exam. Before you begin studying for the exams, you might want to consider purchasing a free demo. The free demo will provide you with an opportunity to evaluate the material and gain a better understanding of what the exam will involve. When you purchase a book, you may be required to purchase a certain number of practice exams before you qualify for the exam.