If you are a Cisco consultant or a CCNA/CPNA student, one of your best friends might be one who took the Cisco Certification Exam last year. It is not too late to take the exam again this year. Cisco is sponsoring a free Cisco Certification Forum next Tuesday, April 7th. Members will be able to share tips and tricks on passing the exam, how to maximize time spent on each question and answer, and any other questions they might have. You might even learn some insider information from those who have already taken and passed the exam.

John Collins is a Cisco Certified Systems Engineer at Red Hat Network in Eastvale, California. He has been a CCNA instructor for several years and was the technical trainer at Cisco University’s Technology Park campus. Best of all, he is an active Cisco consultant. His teaching is simple to follow even for the newest of networkers. His book, The Complete Cisco Certification Guide, will get you up to speed quickly with all of the fundamental concepts of the CCNA Exam.

Many of the books one buys for studying for exams tend to leave out some very important concepts, such as Ethernet over ATM, or EoA. There are two reasons for this. First, Cisco wants to make sure that every Cisco consultant, from the newest level to the oldest one, knows what they are doing when it comes to networking. Cisco makes money by selling these very same concepts and skills to networking customers. Secondly, many of the books one reads are written in highly technical language that may not be understandable to most people.

The Cisco Certification Forum is one of the places where you can get the real information from those who have already passed the Cisco exams. These forums are packed with very busy people who are more than willing to share their knowledge. You are also in a safe environment. Most are live on the forums and many are retired. They are happy to share tips and tricks they learned along the way.

The biggest advantage of joining a Cisco forum is that you can learn from the gurus, rather than just reading their books or getting some random reference from some website on the internet. When you read these books, you will miss out on all of the tips, hints, and techniques that you can otherwise take for granted while preparing for the exam. As well, some of these books will contain information that is outdated and no longer applies. When you are spending so much time studying for your certification, you don’t want to waste your time learning outdated information.

Another big advantage of joining a Cisco community is the ability to network with former Cisco consultants, or Certified trainers. You can network with people who have already been through the process once and network with them to help you get prepared for your certification exams. These professionals will be able to give you advice on the different things you need to do, as well as give you different sample exams to study. Networking with people who are in the same position as you will also make networking a lot more comfortable.

There are many benefits to joining a Cisco certification forum. First of all, you get an inside look at the Cisco certification process, which includes not only exams but tons of literature about it. Forums also give you access to a network of people who are willing to help you get ready for your exams. You can easily network with former consultants or Cisco experts and they will be more than willing to help you prepare.

A Cisco certification forum is a great place to find information. If you want to learn how to pass the CCNA exam, then this is definitely the place for you to go to. Get the information you need to get the most out of your experience here.