The Pearson vue Cisco Certification tracker is a training and certification portal that allow its clients to monitor their Cisco certifications progress. It works by displaying a progress report in real time that can be customized to show each of the Cisco training courses that are in progress, average time taken per course, total amount of time for each segment, and how many total Cisco training exams have been attempted. This helps a client to determine exactly where they are in their Cisco education and what areas need more time or testing. Some people choose to get certified right from the beginning while others want to accelerate their Cisco education so they can move on to other Cisco certifications like CCNA or CCNP. Either way, it’s nice to have some visibility over your progress in a system that can help you make better decisions throughout your career.

If you are brand new to Cisco and looking at the Certifications tracking tool, you will probably notice that there are three different sections. These are the overview section, the learning path and the exams. The Overview section highlights major topics that are important to new users. These include installation, design and troubleshooting for servers, networking and routing, security, configuration and diagnosing. The learning path helps a new user to understand the core Cisco certifications. This path typically includes different training courses such as networking fundamentals, access and security, packet switching, routing and security, and using Cisco modules and hardware.

The Cisco Certification Tracker also shows the progress of each individual Cisco certification exam. Each certification exam has a set of objectives, a path to achieving the objectives, and a timetable to complete them. The exam track also shows when a person last took the exam and how many questions were answered, the exact score for that question and other important notes about the test.

There is a special toolbar provided for the Cisco Certification Track where you can do live training via the Internet. You can see the Cisco network administrator jobs, design and troubleshoot any problem and upload any images. It allows you to also see the Cisco laboratory instructor jobs, training in labs and virtual labs, and Cisco remote training labs. The certificate, however, does not come with any of these live sessions. You must buy all the prerequisite lab exams and complete all the course exams in order to take advantage of the live training feature.

The Pearson VUE CCNA Track allows you to see the progress of your Cisco certification exams online. You will have to download and install the software before you can log in. Once you have installed the software, you will need to register at the certificate provider site and complete the registration. The certificate tracking system will automatically update the status of your certificates at regular intervals, so you will know when to make a reapplication if you forget about a certificate or if a new one is available.

Although the certificate works online, it is very important that you attend at least one class each week during the full course period. You cannot work on these live training sessions when you are only learning about the basics or when you have no clue what you are doing. It would be very unwise to spend time trying to cram in all the information that you could get from books without getting the most out of the course.

The CCNA training does offer several advantages over the other Cisco training courses that are available. First of all, Cisco courses are expensive. Even though the Pearson VUE CTP courses offer the same information and tools that you would find in an actual Cisco exam, the courses offer more detailed explanations of certain topics and are aimed at real-world situations. You will learn how to troubleshoot real problems, and you will be given real-life problems to solve and solutions to test.

The disadvantage of taking a course online or from a book is that you will not know if you are being taught correctly. It is very easy to put things down online and forget them when you have to take the actual test the next day. If you do not make sure that you understand everything, then you will probably have a tough time passing the certification. With the Pearson VUE CTP lives training courses, however, you can be sure that you get a hands-on learning experience that will prepare you well for the CCNA exam. By taking this course, you will save a lot of money that you would have paid for just a course book.