You can obtain Cisco certification by taking Cisco certification exams that are available on the Internet. The exams are offered by many independent websites and training centers. To make sure that you are getting certified by a reputable and established institution, seek advice from your network administrator, or an experienced trainer at your local IT support center. If you prefer to self-study, you can find study guides, CDs and books on the Internet.

If you have decided to pursue Cisco certification in Pakistan, then your main consideration is the type of certification exams that are offered. It is possible to get the CCNA and CCNP certifications. Cisco has been dominating the networking market for many years. The reason for their success is that they have been offering high quality training for the previous two decades.

Now, you have to decide whether you want to get the CCNA certification or the other two levels of Cisco accreditation. The CCNA is the foundation level of Cisco and is the basic training for anyone who wants to work in a Cisco company. The reason why people take this exam is that it enables them to work as a network administrator. You will have to answer multiple-choice questions, demonstrate your networking skills and pass three exams in order to complete the course.

With the CCNA you can begin to work in a corporate network and as an IP-layer. This means you can take the exams in one day and complete them online without having to travel to a campus. The cost of taking the Cisco exams is lower than most college courses. If you are employed and covered by a health care plan, you may be eligible to have the exams paid for.

The CCNP certification is the next step up from the CCNA and is the most sought after Cisco certification. To get the CCNP you must pass a hands-on lab exam as well as a written and skilful exam. This is harder than the CCNA and the salary for someone with this certification is higher. You must have a lot of experience working in a Cisco environment before applying for a CCNP. Cisco offers three different paths for those wanting a CCNP certification. The CCNP is the entry-level Cisco certification and is recommended for network technicians that already know some of the basics of Cisco technology.

The CCNP is the basic Cisco certification and is what most workers get when they go to Cisco training. However, Cisco also offers the CCNP for network consultants who already have some Cisco experience under their belt. If you are interested in getting a CCNP you should get training from a Cisco consultant. These consultants can be found throughout the country. If you live in a city near a large school, you should be able to find one to talk to.

The next CCNP is the CCNP Practitioner certification. This is more common for new hires or existing employees that need to brush up on their Cisco knowledge. Some of the things you may cover in this class include VSI training, routing protocols, troubleshooting, and Cisco security. You will have to do a lot of labs and this exam cannot be taken online. It can only be taken at an authorized Cisco technical center. The cost for this certification is about the same as the other exams but the time spent will not be nearly as long.

The last CCNP is the CCNP Wireless Certified Network Associate (WCA) certification. You need to be a current or former cable operator to apply for this certification. It takes about six to twelve months to complete the application and it costs about the same as the other exams. Once your application is approved you will receive a WCA number and be able to work as a consultant. These exams are very affordable and are well worth taking.