With the recent news that Cisco has announced that they will be removing the popular Cisco Certification python training module, many are wondering what comes next. Will Python certification be terminated completely? If that were to happen, what training programs would be available? And will other companies begin Requiring similar certifications? All are great questions that are sure to be answered soon.

In a word: No. Not at all. That said, Cisco is looking for a replacement or a “new model” of the exam that they hope will drive people to the Cisco Certified Network Specialist (CCS) bootcamp. What does this mean for the CCS bootcamp market? Well, not much.

Some see this as good news. While this is bad news for those who wish to study for the CCNA Exam and move on to the next level, it does have some upside. Those who studied for and passed the older CCS course can jump into the new curriculum at no cost, even if they already have the required Cisco certifications. This does mean you need to get a hold of an old CCS course book, but if you have a VLAN based lab then this shouldn’t be too difficult.

While we’re on the upside, it is important to note that Cisco has issued warnings stating that “unscheduled or unscheduled labs” may not be approved by the CSCS. The company states that the CSCS has been given permission by Cisco “not to reschedule exams that have already been submitted or paid for.” For those who study for both the CCNA Exam and the CCNP Exam, this doesn’t mean the end of your training. You can continue to work on your technical skills while you complete any outstanding remaining tasks on your CCNA lab book. The only thing that will change is the number of hours required to complete the courses.

If you still think you may be in over your head, consider getting some advice from your friend’s or Cisco Certified Professionals who may be able to offer you some pointers. What’s most important is that you don’t get too stressed out. There is plenty to keep you busy and if you have worked with others in your field before then you should feel confident in what you are doing. Do whatever you can to stay focused and avoid having panic attacks as they can come at any time. If you feel you are ready to move forward, then take the next step.

You will be presented with several options once you have chosen a course. Some of them will require a study guide and others will just give you a CD-ROM. Once you start the installation process you will need to be sure you read all of the instructions. Once this is finished, you can get started immediately. Some people find it helpful to write down notes while they are going through the installation process.

You can always go back and review any information you didn’t understand or miss while trying to get your Cisco Certification Python. Your certification is valid for three years, after which you must take an exam to become an expert in network security. This exam is based on previous experience and is a tougher test than some others.

These exams can be intimidating if you don’t know what to expect and if you haven’t done these types of certifications before. When you go through a training program or school, make sure you have all the necessary materials. Once you have those materials, you can easily take a practice exam. By taking a practice exam, you can quickly see how Cisco certification works. Once you feel confident with the material you have learned, you can begin to take the real Cisco exams.