There is a common myth among many IT professionals that the CCIE certification (Cisco Certified Network Associate) test cost is not something to worry about. It is true that the exam is quite expensive but you have to keep in mind that it is not just a cost of learning. The training needed for passing the exam is very costly as well. There are hidden costs that are associated with the entire exam and they are discussed below.

The training course needs to be completed before you can be awarded your certification. In case you choose not to enroll in a new CCNA training course, then there is no point in studying. Your efforts to understand the different concepts will only go to waste. Your efforts are therefore wasted because you cannot gain access to all the important concepts and applications which are involved in the CCNA exam.

If you want to be an efficient Cisco engineer, then you should complete the CCIE training course as early as possible. The earlier you avail of the CCIE training, the better it is for you. The reason is that if you do not learn early, then it is only going to be difficult for you later on to assimilate the different concepts and software which are involved in Cisco networking. It has been observed that if an engineer learns the basic concepts from the beginning, he/she can easily assimilate all the Cisco networking. It is, therefore, recommended that if you wish to be an efficient and good Cisco engineer, you should study the Cisco CCIE version 2 exams which are readily available online.

The Cisco training is a combination of learning the CCIE Routing & Switching exam as well as the CCIE Security or CCIE Virtualization course. You should definitely consider taking the two networking exams. It has been observed that when an engineer adopts the Cisco training from the beginning, he/she will be able to learn all the important concepts quickly. In other words, it is advised that you should start your Cisco certification journey from the very beginning itself.

In this regard, you will have to understand that the CCIE Routing & Switching exam is a three hour exam and it is divided into two sections. The first section will consist of eight multiple-choice questions, while the second section will consist of twelve real-world problems. The noaSikandar Shaik CCIE exam costs $125 for the written exam and it can be done through online registration. If you have already acquired Cisco certification, you can directly get the exam kit which contains all the necessary materials. The main advantage of online registration is that you can save a lot of money.

Some of the noAce CCIE Routing & Switching examination questions include questions on Ethernet switches, routing protocols, security devices, routing software, packet switching devices, intrusion detection systems, routing security and troubleshooting. Some of the heavy bleeding exam questions include questions on performing troubleshooting on routing protocols and security device performance. On the other hand, the CCIE Security examination is composed of about one hundred multiple-choice questions.

You can also make use of free CCNA routing software and free CCNA workbooks to study for the CCNA exam. Both these resources are extremely useful. In fact, you should try to download and read a free CCNA router design sample. This will help you understand the basic concepts of designing a CCNA router.

If you are going to purchase a CCNA exam answer book or resource, you should check its credibility. You will get this information from the company website. If possible, try to buy a CCNA Routing & Switching book as well. As you can see, Cisco certification exam costs vary depending on the company offering it. Therefore, you should shop around and gather as many references as you can.