If you are a student looking forward to taking the Cisco exam, then you must know about the different paths to take to be eligible to sit for the examination. You can either take the exam yourself or hire someone to do it for you. With this, you need to be aware of what is being asked. There are an easy way and a hard way to do the Cisco certification exams and these are explained below.

Do I have to download a free or pay version of the exam vce? It does not really matter whether you download a free or pay version because the only thing you are getting for free is the exam vce itself. So if you want to have a good grasp or understanding about the study guide, then you can always download the free ibm version. The is version contains questions and answers and it also includes the study guide pdf.

What are the benefits of having access to free Cisco training materials? As a Cisco Professional, you should always ensure that you get a quality training so that you will have the ability to pass the exam without any problems. With this, taking the exam is made easier for you and at the same time you can also learn the right techniques and methods in answering the questions. You can even get access to free 74-679 exam dumps pdf because these resources are provided by Cisco, which are the most recognized Cisco resources online today.

Can I obtain a certificate of Cisco training online? Yes, as long as you will enroll in the class using the payment options that are available on the websites of Cisco. Some of these payment options include the regular credit card payments, PayPal accounts, checks, money orders, and other forms of payment that can be accessed online. In addition to that, you may also find some coupons and discounts that will definitely help you in saving money. For instance, for students who have enrolled in the study guide, you can find free downloadable laptops and other electronic devices that are absolutely free of charge.

Can I use the study guides when I am doing the actual exam? Yes, you can also make use of the study guides when you are doing the exam as long as you follow the guidelines. The guidelines provided by Cisco are based on the latest exams that were conducted so that it will be easy for students to pass the exam and gain Cisco certification. You can easily obtain the knowledge and skills needed for the exam from the materials provided by Cisco and the most important thing that you can do is read the included contents carefully.

What about the test format? How will I know if I am eligible for the exam? The main exam is divided in three parts and you will have to complete two of them in order to gain your Cisco accreditation. The first one is known as the dry run or the in-depth exam which consists of two different sets of questions and you have to pass a total of six questions in order to successfully pass the Cisco exam eligibility.

The second set of exams is known as the comprehensive or the dry run plus and consists of two different sets of questions. The first set of exams includes multiple choice and you have to answer all of them accurately. The second set of exams includes a writing section and you will have to write a review essay about a specific topic that was mentioned in the exam and make sure that you use the correct grammar and the correct spelling. You also need to check the spelling and the punctuation and you are required to follow the instructions written on the syllabus very carefully.

On the other hand, the third exam is known as the intensive exam or the practical test and this is composed of ten different sets of questions. You will have to show your computer and Internet knowledge in answering all of the questions properly. In this type of exam, there is no writing or reviewing part and you will be allowed to do the questions once you’ve grasped the concept. However, there is one more type of exam eligibility which is called the comprehensive exam, which is not actually a regular exam but a mini-test of sorts in which you will be asked to perform specific tasks. Once you pass this exam, you can obtain your Cisco accreditation.