Even though the CCIE might not be the strongest of the IT certifications out there anymore, it’s still a valuable and challenging accreditation. In recent years, Cisco has greatly expanded its CCIE exam program to over three hundred exams, added several other specialized certifications (e.g. CCNA and CCNP) and expanded its other certification programs (for example, VPN and firewall). When you study for this exam, you should definitely take advantage of this opportunity to increase your IT knowledge in a specialized and critical way. Furthermore, Cisco offers great online coaching and guides. You can purchase these online or at your local Cisco authorized training center.

The Cisco Certification Guide for specialists is the most comprehensive reference for this CCIE enterprise core certification exam. It covers all the different types of exam content and describes the objectives of passing each segment. In addition, this guide provides practice test questions and simulators to help you prepare for the real thing. By using the CCIE laboratory exam practice test, you can get an idea of how much this exam will challenge you, and how much prep you need before sitting for the actual exam.

In addition to the detailed explanations of each topic, the CCIE Laboratory also includes a set of practice tests and exam simulators to test your knowledge of specific lab exercises and questions. You can also review the different topics in your chosen specialty area with the help of the many resources available in the Cisco Certification Guide for specialists certifications. Some of these include demos and security, which include the four primary areas of the CCIE exam: networking, security, monitoring, and integration. You can learn about each of these topics by reviewing the sections that detail them.

Networking is one of the more difficult topics in CCIE testing. This is because it covers a wide variety of functionality, which means that there are a lot of different types of routers, switches, and other devices. Cisco has created an exam related to this material that will only test the skills needed for networking specialists. Cisco networking exams include a Networking Essentials lab exam and labs based on security and networking. There is also a cost-based Personalized Cisco Certification Lab.

Security is another important topic covered in the CCIE exam. Again, this is because of the need to defend a network against a myriad of attacks from around the globe. The information security portion of the CCIE certification requires intensive study and is often the longest portion of the entire exam. As a prerequisite to being allowed to sit for the CCNP service provider exam, an individual must already be able to pass at least one of the previous three sets of exams. In most cases, this means having a solid foundation of technical knowledge and understanding security.

Hands-On Lab Cisco Certification Guide is one of the most complete training packages for the CCIE exam. It provides detailed instruction on every topic necessary for passing the CCIE hands-on lab exam, from networking to server security. This guide comes with two distinct formats – a text only format and a video. While many similar guides do provide video instruction, not all include hands-on practice or labs that allow the user to actually configure the different Cisco equipment. For this reason, many experts prefer to recommend that users purchase the text-only version of this comprehensive guide.

To guarantee passing the CCIE exam, it’s crucial that a candidate fully understands what the exam code covers. Not only does this apply to the theory portion of the exam, but also the practical application. The best reference material for this portion of the course comes in the form of hands-on practice sessions with certified experts. These experts typically have years of experience in deploying, managing, and troubleshooting Cisco equipment. In addition, many of these industry experts are also available as podcast speakers, making it easy to get an in-person expert opinion on any given topic.

Lastly, when it comes to passing the CCIE exam code, preparation is the key. There are several steps a Cisco certification practitioner can take to ensure they cover each topic area. This includes a thorough study of the existing CCIE exam content, as well as reading the included CCIE Lab Exam Code Book. A majority of examination fields require passing a theory exam and then a hands-on exam code to demonstrate your Cisco experience. By taking the extra time to prepare and fully understand the contents of the exam code, you’ll be sure to pass with flying colors.