The Cisco Certification Exam, or CCNA Exam is becoming more popular. The reason why is that it is a really good test to have. Not only does it show you how well you can do network planning and security, but also it tests you on your skill in passing different types of exams. Now, when you are preparing for a CCNA Exam, you will need to find a Cisco Certification Exam Center in Hong Kong that will be able to give you the amount of study material and training time you need. You should make sure that you choose a CCNA Exam Center Hong Kong that has been authorized by Cisco to do this type of course. There are many good options out there.

You should avoid going to a random Cisco Certification Exam Center in your area. The reason why I say this is because you do not know what other students from all over the world have done and how they have performed. Sure, you might get lucky and find a great review site, but chances are that many of these other students just learned from the same old Cisco Certification exam paper and learned the same mistakes they are now trying to get out of. You need to find a local study center that can give you the highest quality study materials and training.

Two of the most popular Cisco study centers in Hong Kong are the E-Learning University and the San Francisco Cisco Institute. The main difference between the two is that the E-Learning University costs more and offers better quality. While, the SF Cisco Institute is cheaper, but the quality is still very good. This is a personal preference, but my recommendation is for those looking for a cheaper option.

If you prefer to purchase your own study materials and software, then there are plenty of good second rate options as well. However, if you really want to learn fast, and you do not want to waste your money at all, then the two local study centers are the way to go. Both of them offer software that is top notch. In fact, the study material is high caliber, and you will feel like you are taking a real exam.

Now, on to the testing. First, the E-learning test center will give you a CD that you need to download before taking the test. Then you take the exam right there on the CD. Many of the local test centers have the actual exam simulators on their websites, which means that you can test drive your Cisco certification quickly and easily.

Now for the real meat. The two local Cisco Institute test centers will have two kinds of exams. The CCNA or Cisco Certified Network Associate test center will have three different exams. The first one is less involved and only has about two hundred questions. This will be sufficient for most people who are just getting started with their CCNA certifications.

The second type of exam will be the real hardcore Cisco exams. These are considered to be the “real thing” with very challenging exams. They usually last about three hours, and you will need to bring a lot of flashcards and sheets to class. You also have to listen to some Cisco training audio clips, and complete a handful of labs. However, it will be worth it. If you get through these two exams quickly and then finish all three within a six month period, you could become a Cisco specialist in a very short period of time.

Now that you have learned all the important information, you need to decide where you want to take the exam. Many people choose the local Hong Kong based Cisco test center. The main reason for this is that there are many professionals in this area that can help with your preparation. Also, you can often get discounts on registration and other fees if you take this exam at a local Cisco testing center. You may also want to consider taking the exam online if you want, but many local Cisco test centers are not able to accommodate this option.