Cisco exam costs have deterred many people from pursuing their career in Cisco Technology. For many, it is simply not a practical choice given the costs involved. However, with the proper planning, this should no longer be an issue. In this article, I will briefly discuss some tips that you can employ to significantly reduce your Cisco exam cost.

The first thing that you can do to reduce your CCNA exam cost is to do all of your study materials at home. The reason why this is important is because you do not need to do research using library books or purchasing study guides. You can download all of the required study material on Cisco’s website and save it to your computer. You can also print out copies of any tests that you struggle to understand for a few days before you need to take them.

If you are going to purchase study guides for your CCNA Exam, make sure that they provide detailed instructions on what materials you need to complete each section. It is also a good idea to have a list of books and eBooks that you can quickly refer to while you are studying. You should always strive to minimize the amount of time that you spend on studying but it is especially important when taking multiple Cisco exams. The more you can cut back, the better your chances will be of accomplishing your goals. This is especially true if you have financial obligations such as a mortgage, children, or a caring parent.

The next tip is to purchase the exam from a vendor that is recognized by Cisco. You will find that there are several companies that offer practice exams and Cisco certified study guides that will help you pass your Cisco exam cost quickly and inexpensively. You may want to consider purchasing a Cisco-themed software package instead of a book. Cisco’s official website also offers software packages that feature testing real hardware and real scenarios.

Always take your CCNA Exam with a friend. If you cannot spend close attention to the questions or complete the entire test within the specified time frame, a friend can be an excellent source of support. Having a friend to test with you can also help in two ways. First, they can provide feedback as you make mistakes on the test. In addition, they can also provide the motivation you need to complete the exam and complete all the challenges associated with it.

When taking the Cisco exam, use the tips mentioned above to your advantage. Plan your study schedule around traditional class times and scheduled labs. Consider taking the test late during the night, after work has finished for the day, or on a weekend day when everyone else in the office is off. Taking the exam late allows you more time to focus on the questions and study for them in their proper order so that you don’t waste time answering incorrectly.

Practice testing with a friend will also help in increasing your chances of passing the exam. You and your friend should each designate five questions from each section, and practice correctly answering each question in five different configurations. Do not attempt to answer the same questions twice or even three times. The chances of you actually answering the question correctly are great but repeating questions multiple times results in poor test-taking skills. Passing the test becomes less likely when answering multiple questions incorrectly.

Once you have completed the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) exam, if you want to upgrade to the professional level you will have to take the CCNP or CCIE certification test. Cisco’s official website states the Cisco Certification test cost is $7500. Keep in mind, Cisco also has partner companies, partner exam sites, and partner review sites that offer lower-priced training. You can find these sites by doing an internet search.