A Cisco CCNA Exam guide is a must for those who plan on taking the CCNA Exam. With the thousands of articles on Cisco’s websites alone, one can easily find a lot of information that will be useful. I’ve listed below some of the more useful resources I’ve come across while doing research for this review. If you have additional sources, I’d love to hear about them.

Cisco CCNA Exam Review “This comprehensive networking examination contains a wealth of details about every topic in CCNA, ranging from troubleshooting common problems to the most challenging configuration problems, so that a CCNA newcomer can understand the material in a few short days.” – CCNA Student Review. This review is a polished and edited version of Cisco’s official CCNA textbooks. It is packed with detailed information covering all the material from the CCNA exam, including: Overview of Cisco Technology, Fundamentals of CCNA, Wireless IP Devices, WTP and FTP Servers, and File Transfer Protocol (FTP).

StarWind Review “A thorough CCNA review by StarWind gives a good overview of all the material in CCNA Exam Question Sets. It provides the latest, most updated information regarding CCNA exam tests. This review covers different areas such as: Bandwidth usage, forwarding, routing, security, troubleshooting, diagnostic tools, routing, and more. This is an excellent study guide.”

Cisco CCNA Exam Tutorial “TCDKP’s CCNA Test Lab is another outstanding CCNA review course. It covers all the major areas in the CCNA Exam, with the most important concepts explained clearly and in an easy-to-understand manner. You will learn about the latest in routing technologies, like SFP and FANIC, along with their functionality. A great thing about this tutorial is that you can revise any part of the CCNA Exam and take a re-examination later, at any time. It is one of the most popular CCNA preparation courses.”

CCNA Routing & Switching Guide “This guide is one of the most comprehensive CCNA Review resources available. It covers the complete foundation for building a basic switch and includes all the necessary components, such as cable, switches, and routers. It provides detailed information about VoIP, VPN, and BGP. Cisco’s official CCNA Certification study guides are very useful for any student pursuing the CCNA Exam. The tutorials give detailed information about everything you need to know about CCNA Exam. They also provide information about the latest exams and answer any questions that you might have before you take your CCNA Exam.

Cisco CCNA Practice Test, “The Cisco CCNA Practice Test is a powerful tool for learning Cisco technology and concepts. It presents an entire set of practice questions about networking. Each question corresponds to a real world scenario and testing is based on the CCNA Exam objectives. This eBook gives you a clear path to understanding each question and enables you to maximize your confidence for the real exam. It is an easy-to-read PDF and best of all, it is FREE!”

Complete Guide to Cisco CCNA Exam Dumps “This guide provides the very core of CCA Exam knowledge, from the ground up. The authors, Steve Krieger and Patrick Sipe, have spent many years working with Cisco and the resulting material is comprehensive and extremely thorough. The authors have taken the time to track, test, and review every aspect of CCNA and IP networks. What’s more, they guarantee that you will pass your Cisco certification exams.”

Complete Guide to Cisco CCNA Exam Dumps “This eBook contains the complete path to Cisco CCNA Exam Dumps. From the very first topic to the very last topic, this eBook has it all! With detailed explanations of each topic and written in a simple to understand format, the authors cover everything in detail. The complete guide to Cisco CCNA Exam Dumps also comes with three free books, two books for each of the main topic areas and a resource CD for additional study.

Complete Guide to Cisco CCNA Exam Study Workbooks “This eBook comes with four books that are perfect for studying for the CCNA Exam. The books include Fundamentals of Cisco networking, Design Concepts of CCNA, Troubleshooting Cisco networking, and CCNA Exam Replication Manual. This eBook is a wonderful choice if you’re a complete newbie to CCNA because it provides everything you need to know about CCNA. The book consists of a total of eight books and each book contains clear descriptions, clear text, and complete information about CCNA Exam topics like VLAN’s, routing protocols, routing devices, WAN configuration, and so much more.

Portable Command Guide to Cisco CCNA “This is a very handy tool which makes your CCNA studying much easier and faster. The portable command guide is an ideal tool to have if you’re planning to take your CCNA Exam on your own. It is designed to be used conveniently from any type of operating system, such as Windows, Mac OS, Linux, or even on a PC based computer. It helps you understand every topic in depth and give you practice questions and answers without having to physically do your CCNA exam preparation. It contains a lot of topics and exercises which will help make your study faster and more efficient.