If you are planning to get your CCNA or CCIE certification from a reputed institution, you should make sure you’re not paying for the exams fee in Pakistan. In fact, not many people know this but you can actually save money by getting your certification by taking the exam online! As per usual, you will have to pay the test center’s test fee and then find out the cash for the certification course on your own.

All major institutes have the policy of offering free certification training courses to its students. However, only few go for such offers and get their professional level certificates. Why? Because the number of students going for such free courses is quite a small fraction of the total number of students who wish to pursue Cisco Certified Network Engineers (CCNA) or CCIE certifications. If you really want to pursue such professional level exams and earn your professional certifications, you need to pay for them – plain and simple!

In a nutshell, the difference between studying for the exams by yourself and enrolling in a study program is that you have your own set of books to read and study with. You have complete freedom over the way your studies are conducted. There’s no one to dictate to you what to do and what not to do. And that is the beauty of studying by yourself – you make the decisions. Just remember, though, that it’s not the case when you choose to go for the different tracks offered by different schools.

When you opt for the different certification courses offered by different schools, you are actually paying for the same things. For starters, you are paying for the cost of the materials. Secondly, you are paying for the amount of time spent on each chapter and track. And thirdly, you are paying for the services of the different coaches who work with you throughout the certification courses.

In addition to these services, you are also paying for the actual consultation fee which is paid by the certified professionals for providing the guidance to the applicants for the exams. In the case of the Cisco exams fee in Pakistan, this amount is nearly $300. And we know that is an exorbitant amount for getting just a single certification! So, do you really think you are getting a bargain here?

Now, if you choose to go for the different Cisco certification exams at the private company level, you would be paying for the services of the different tutors as well as the coaching fee separately. And the same applies to the exams offered by the CCNA institute. Therefore, you would actually be saving a great amount of money here compared to the case of going for the exams at the local CCNA school or university.

If we talk about the total cost of the entire course then it is obvious that the local universities and CCNA institutions charge a lot for such a course. In fact, some of them charge up to $1000 while the Cisco certification fees in Pakistan are actually a bit less than the fees of those CCNA schools in the US. This is because many of the CCNA students in the US do not actually end up opting for the certification. This means that their local CCNA institutes lose out on a lot of revenue through the CCNA exam fees charged by them.

On the other hand, the situation is quite different in Pakistan. The government has granted licenses to more than hundred CCIEs and Cisco experts in the country and thus there is no shortage of them. The presence of such experienced people guarantees the safety and the reliability of the CCIE written exam fee in Pakistan. You do not have to worry about the high CCIE written exam fee in Pakistan as the government has made it easier for the aspiring students to get the certification without losing their hard earned money. In addition, you also do not have to spend your valuable time and money in getting the exam done.