Cisco CCNA Exam is one of the Cisco industry’s most popular training programs. It enables Cisco certification for people interested in pursuing a successful career in Information Technology (IT). Cisco and Microsoft are the two big players in the IT Industry. Cisco has a vast number of revenue-sharing agreements with various organizations including Verizon, IBM, Sun Microsystems and Microsoft.

As per stats, Cisco revenue is almost $32 billion annually and it is the biggest software and hardware company in the world. It includes huge product revenues from home appliances to enterprise-wide software and devices. The product revenues apart from Cisco products also includes other famous brands like Microsoft, Sun Microsystems, Hewlett Packard, Kaspersky and Intuit. In fact all these products and brands are used by almost every organization in some form or the other and hence it is obvious that Cisco has huge market potential and hence you cannot deny that Cisco holds great potential and importance in terms of IT Industry.

In the recent years, time Warner revenues have witnessed a remarkable increase. In fact the growth in demand for their products have surprised many. The reason behind this spectacular growth can be attributed to the ever-changing technology trends and demands. Most of the organizations today use either Windows platform or Windows Server. Therefore, to enhance the efficiency and productivity in your business segments you need to update yourself with the latest technologies and make use of new and advanced solutions.

As per Cisco Research report, Cisco’s revenue has declined slightly for the last two years but this was only due to the Windows operating system. But when compared to the revenues earned by Microsoft, it can be said that Windows is not very much competitive when it comes to the revenues in the business segments. So it is evident that there are several reasons that affect the revenues in different Cisco business segments. Some of the main factors responsible for this decline include pricing, operational costs and competition from other software. On the other hand there are some other factors that can also result in Microsoft increasing its market share.

Microsoft has recently announced that they will develop six more technologies to compete with Cisco’s CCNA and CCNP programs. According to analysts’ time Warner revenues could grow more if Microsoft adopts these new technologies. Some of the upcoming technologies that Microsoft is planning to include Visual Network Technology (Vet), Microsoft Intune Information Security (MIS) and Microsoft Business Solutions (MBS). These technologies have been created keeping in mind the needs and requirements of the business segment. These technologies will enable the businesses to get maximum benefits from their existing Cisco equipment and network infrastructure.

According to analysts Time Warner revenues have been subject to sharp reduction due to the tough competition in the business segment. However, the revenues that were lost in the first quarter have been compensated in the second quarter by the increase in profit and number of customers. The increase in profit has come as a result of the diversification of services provided by Time Warner. In the past, the company has focused on certain areas which proved to be profitable like Real Estate, Communications, Software, Digital Content, Consumer Electronics, Energy, fixed assets and others. All these areas are being diversified to raise the profitability. However, these endeavors might take a long time to show their effect on the overall profits.

Microsoft has announced that they will introduce DTV, a new service for cable TV. This will be used in all the business segments to increase the interactivity with customers. DTV will help the customer to directly interact with the program host or the presenters. Moreover, DTV will also provide access to popular channels to enhance the viewing experience. On the other hand, Cisco has announced that they will collaborate with several other companies to make televisions devices which will allow users to stream high definition video content directly from cable television networks.

Both of these announcements make the new pass Cisco CCNA exam more attractive to students because they can raise the revenue by enhancing existing revenue streams and cutting costs for the overall revenue. These revenues include fees paid to the carriers for providing services and revenues gained from the sale of connected devices. Cisco has assured that all the revenues generated by the implementation of the new CCNA Exam will be passed on to students through their Premium Pass discount plan. Moreover, all the CCNA traffic including Premium Pass revenues will be shared with other Cisco exams that are performed at the same time.