The overview: There is an abbreviated version of the Cisco Certification Overview that I will give you below. The long version will be another topic in another of my Cisco Certification articles. The schedule: As for the schedule, it is planned around six to eight weeks, depending on your workload and the pace of learning. The topics are as follows: The Program. Background of Hosting, routers, switch and appliances.

The Overview: The program begins with a brief description about the background of Cisco. Next comes the overview of the technologies used by Cisco. In addition, you have some notes on the five-year path towards CCS Certifications. You have to understand the importance of the technology. Some interesting facts about the technologies are presented in the notes. For instance, “Cisco has pioneered the use of wireless networking in large corporate and government entities.”

The syllabus is divided into five main sections: Overview of Cisco Technology. What is the Advantage of Cisco? What is the Focus of Cisco Certification? Following this is the overview of the exam objectives and criteria. Following this comes the overview of the tools and utilities.

The Cisco Certified Network Associate or CNA training is a two-year program. A minimum of 200 usd, valid CCNA, and three years of experience are required. Cisco does not have a minimum prerequisite for getting certifications, but most companies do. Most of the Cisco certifications require at least two years of active working experience. Cisco also has an excellent technical support program and offers online recertification (meet one to three requirements) upon successful completion of the course.

In order to be a valid Cisco employee or candidate for obtaining a Cisco certification, it is important to meet the minimum pre-requisites set by Cisco. The exam contains seven basic areas. The topics are Reliability and Scalability, Work Station Equipment, Work Station Operating systems, Network Virtualization, Wireless Networking, VPN, and Storage Security. Candidates need to pass the exam and obtain one or more Cisco certifications in each of these areas to be considered valid. Cisco is one of the first companies that recognized the need for specialized training in many of these areas and hence started offering professional Cisco courses. A person who successfully completes all seven areas of the exam and pass the written portion will be considered a Cisco Expert.

The most basic option is to get a basic certificate, which covers just the essentials. There is a very affordable option in this case and that is a one-time payment of just $246. However, in order to be a qualified Cisco expert, a person needs to complete four or five exams. One of the five options will get you an official certificate while the others will help you get Cisco experience. The total cost is still very affordable considering the benefit and recognition it offers.

An alternative way is to pay for one of the many Cisco expert training packages offered by Cisco. The total cost is very affordable considering that you will gain knowledge and practical experience which will be useful in your future career. A training package includes two exams, three practice tests and five study guides. This will help you prepare for the test in a systematic manner.

In addition to getting a certificate, you can also get discounts and special offers from Cisco. Special offers include free technical support, practice lab training, and customized training. Some of the packages also include a study guide and two practice exams. For individuals who are on a tight budget, you can consider a prepaid course and these will cost only a few dollars and last for a few weeks.