With the recent release of Cisco CCNA Tools and materials it seems there are many options for CIsco Certification study materials. There is the standard CD-ROM; the popular Video CD Video’s and Audio CD’s, study guides and video DVDs. But what about the My Cisco Certification tracker? What will it be used for?

This all sounds good and nice, until you consider the costs associated with such study materials. The cost of having someone do your study is not cheap. It does not even have to be a full time job to pay for someone to be spending several hours every day studying for your Cisco exam. Some resources are free, others require purchasing products, and still others require a commitment of some time, month after month.

With the “coming soon” CCNA exam, will the new CCNA certification trackers be integrated into the existing Cisco Partner tools / CCNA Exam System? Will there be a need for new products? Will there be an expansion of current products? With the large number of existing Cisco products there must be a cost to support them or some sort of fee to support the evolution of these products.

These are legitimate questions and ones I have asked myself as well. As with anything else, if you have made a choice to pursue your Cisco certification, you should do it to the best of your ability. This includes the investment of money, time and effort in the form of study and preparation. Some courses will provide a readymade curriculum, others will require careful, attention-grabbing study and hands on practice with real life exam scenarios.

This is where My Cisco Certification Tracker can make a real difference. Not only can it track exams, but it can also track your progress. The My Cisco Certification Tracker software provides detailed information about your progress including passing, average, median and total time taken, and what areas you need to improve upon. Most importantly, My Cisco Certification Tracker can give you advice on what to study and when to study, as well as how much time you have left to complete your certification.

Cisco is a fast growing company with many people becoming Cisco Certified Security Professionals (CCSPs). It is understandable that studying the CCSPs’ case studies and reviewing all the information can be daunting. The CCSP’s course structure, although more extensive than many other study material available, can still be rather confusing for someone without a lot of Cisco experience.

My Cisco Certification Trackers can offer the flexibility of tracking study materials in the comfort of your own home. There are many different types of CCSP study material, from text books to online video training to book and CD learning packs. My Trackers also include access to pre-determined workbooks for each Cisco system-level exam. The pre-determined workbooks provide practice questions and Cisco practice test questions.

My Cisco Certification Tracker is easy to use and has helped me manage my studies in a way that I did not previously have the confidence to do. The information provided makes studying for certification much easier than it used to be. It took some effort to navigate the courses, but now I can review any study material whenever I want or feel that I am not knowledgeable enough to answer a question. My main recommendation is to purchase My Cisco Certification Tracker from Cisco itself. As with most products that make life easier, they provide a money back guarantee. That way if you are not satisfied you can return the product and get your money back.