There are many reasons as to why you should consider taking your Cisco exam whilst residing in Zimbabwe, the largest of which is cost. Most courses are quite expensive and can easily rack up thousands of dollars in costs over the course of an individual’s career – not to mention the fact that it takes several years to get a decent qualification and gain a good level of experience in the field. However, if you live in Zimbabwe then you can save a large sum of money by studying for your exam whilst you are there. In this article we will briefly look at just how you can study and book some of the courses at some of the top CISCO exam centres in Zimbabwe, helping you save both time and money. So, what are the top exams?

The first one is the CCNA Exam, and is normally a fairly straightforward exam consisting of two or three multiple-choice questions. This is because the course does not concentrate solely on one network infrastructure technology, instead concentrating on understanding the different networking technologies that are used in smartphones. For example, most people know that you will need to have a wireless router, an access point and then a smartphone to be able to upload your files to the internet. The CCNA Exam centres in Zimbabwe offer two different kinds of CCNA Exam simulators to help you out, allowing you to simulate both wireless routers and smartphones.

The second course is the CCNP/CCDA Exam, which is a little more complex than the CCNA Exam. For this reason you may find that your schedule is busier than usual at CISCO exam centres in Zimbabwe. The reason for this is because the CCNP/CCDA Exam requires networking knowledge and hands on experience using real networks, whereas the CCNA Exam does not need these things. The exam centres in Zimbabwe do however offer simulator labs where you can simulate experiences using real networks.

The third course is a Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) Routing & Switching Lab. Like the CCNA Exam, this is a rather involved exam and one that requires a significant amount of experience and training on routers and switching equipment. As with any other CCNA Exam, there will be a series of lab exams, as well as a number of hands on experience and simulation tools. The CCNA labs are a set of five and you will need at least six to pass.

There are several different Cisco exams centres in Zimbabwe that offer these services. The Simba exam centre is one of the best known and busiest centres in the country, offering a comprehensive selection of practice questions and a number of simulation tools. Simba offers a free CCNA Practice Test and has continued to maintain a high success rate. These are two of the main centres that can be found in Harare city.

At the University of Zimbabwe, they are also able to offer a comprehensive range of CCNA and other networking courses, as well as a CCNA Tools Camp. They are located at the University of Southern African and are very popular with expats. The Simba exam centre in Harare also offers a free practice test and there are a number of simulation tools for testing. These Cisco exam centres in Zimbabwe are able to provide all the equipment and support needed by students and are well-known amongst international students as providing the most challenging study materials available. Some of these centres also have 24 hour assistance and staff if needed.

The fourth and final exam centre from us is the Information Systems Academy. This centre provides both Cisco classroom training as well as a comprehensive range of simulation and lab exercises, including Cisco CCNA Exam simulators and CCNA Tools. They also provide live online video sessions for labs and demo eLearning. These are highly regarded by many of their students, and their experienced instructor’s always make sure that students are not only able to get a feel of how things work, but that they also understand exactly what they are doing when they are working.

These exam centres are some of the best around the world and are renowned throughout the industry for providing the absolute best Cisco experience. We know that some people choose their Cisco certification by location, while others want the sense of credibility and professionalism that a global brand such as Cisco can offer. No matter what your needs, it is clear that having a CCNA or other Cisco experience can dramatically improve your employment opportunities, as well as your reputation within your workplace. In short, we think that you will be pleased with the results when you sit for the exams!