A Cisco Certification map is basically a drawing of the exam structure (in the form of an exam) on a piece of graph paper. It is usually comprised of three major examinations Cisco CCNA, CCNP or any specialized exams. It also contains the course name, description, examination dates, expenses and payment terms. This makes it easier for people to schedule a CIsco Certification test.

You have to understand that getting Cisco certifications does not mean you can now get a job in networking. In order to be hired as an IT professional, you need to pass not only the CCNA exams but the other secondary exams as well. The Cisco certifications, however, are what let you claim you are ready for the big leagues – networking careers.

Your computer training school may offer a Cisco Certification map or guide for your study. A good way to prepare for the CCNA or other exams is to make sure you study according to a schedule. Know what books you need and use them as best as possible. There are some resources that can help you study for these exams such as online training videos and E-Books. A CCNA is one of the highest level of certifications in the field of networking and many people choose this path to further their career in IT.

You can take an online exam and be up and running with your Cisco Certification in no time. Some of the Cisco training websites offer free resources for Cisco exams and even test preparation material for future certification efforts. Cisco’s official site is also packed with information and guides to walk you through the whole exam process. Many times you will find sample questions and answers that will help you prepare for the exam.

An important part of the study process is learning about the different parts of the CCNA Exam and how they work together. You will need to learn about the three layers of the networking model: the outer layer, middle layer, and the data frame. You will need to understand how each of these parts interrelate with each other and how they work together to form a complete data frame. Your Cisco certification map should help you understand each part of the exam so you can apply it to real world situations.

Cisco is not the only company offering training in CCNA, however. With so many companies offering these exams, it is important to do some research to determine which ones cover the core information needed to pass the exams. You can determine which CCNA training courses are best suited for your needs by reviewing reviews of successful applicants. Many of these review sites allow you to search for current students to see how they performed on the different Cisco exams.

It is possible to go through the whole CCNA certification path without getting any hands-on experience with routers or switches. However, this would be a mistake because these are the tools that will provide you with real-world experience that you can put to use when working in an IT setting. Without experience, you will be at a significant disadvantage when applying for a job, and the first steps in obtaining a job as an IT professional will certainly include a Cisco certification. Even experienced professionals should consider the CCNA certification path if they are looking to move their career to the next level.

A good way to get started is by reviewing the CCNA certification map so you know exactly what is involved in passing the exam and mastering the networking skills necessary to be successful in your career. In addition to the CCNA certification itself, you will need to have at least one other type of Cisco exam certification. These include the CCNP or Cisco Certified Network Professional certifications, which are based on different areas of networking. The CCNP exam is the most popular and is available for people who already have a handful of Cisco certifications under their belt. This certification is good for two years of work as long as you continue to pass the exams.